Are you ready for the 4th of July?

I can't believe how fast time is going by this year. My son turns 4 on Sunday and we are over half way through the year! Crazy!!

If you are hosting a BBQ this 4th of July, do you know what you are grilling? If you are going to a party, do you know what you are bringing? We have a ton of recipes on our Facebook page. If you want the perfect rub then I would check out our spices from Teeny Tiny Spice Co or I would pick up one of our Marinades from Bella Sol. You could even create your own marinade with our oils and vinegars. Try these combinations:

Chipotle Oil & Espresso balsamic to marinade your meat

Baklouti Green Chili Oil & Pineapple balsamic for a hot and sweet marinade

Persian Lime Oil & Coconut Balsamic Yes you really do put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up! great for fish

Garlic oil & Pomegranate balsamic great with duck and lamb

Drizzle a little Garlic Oil or Cayenne Chili Oil on corn on the cob and grill it!


Need more ideas? Give us a call or visit our Facebook page.








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