Benne Oil

Benne Oil

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Oliver Farm Benne Seed Oil is extracted from the seeds of landrace West African benne (Sesamum Indicum).  Brought to America by African slaves, this hearty plant with many uses made its way into the local cuisine.  Gradually replaced by commercially produced oils and bred to resist shatter, the flavor of this unique oil was nearly lost.  Our partnership with Anson Mills, who grow the certified organic seeds along with countless others that are rare, endangered, or worthy because of flavor, has allowed us to offer the first commercially available Benne oil in the modern era.  While it sits on Slow Foods Ark of Taste for rare and endangered foods we hope to save this beautiful, flavorful, deeply cultural oil by consuming more of it. Winning a 2017 Good Food Award brought widespread attention to this rare oil.  It’s complex and nuanced flavor make it a perfect finishing oil, and it was a favorite salad oil of Thomas Jefferson. 


Component Content (per 1 Tbsp)

Total Fat (grams) 14

Calories (calculated) 126

Saturated Fat (grams) 1.14

Monounsaturated Fat (grams) 12.57

Polyunsaturated Fat (grams) 0.27

O/L Ratio 47.45

Vitamin E as alpha-Tocopherol (IU) 8.26

Total Tocopherols(milligrams) 8.57

Total Phytosterols(milligrams) 45.14