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About Us

In 2014, I was on vacation in South Carolina. My mother-in-law knows I love to cook so she brought me in a cute little olive oil store. I remember tasting a coconut balsamic and it brought me back to a childhood memory of my dad cracking open a coconut when we lived in Florida. I bet I tasted every product in the store that day. I was amazed how the product inspired me. The taste was so amazing I had to buy a few bottles and then I was still so excited I had to bring my husband and son into the store for them to try the product and of course I bought more!

At the time I was working in a hospital setting, in the clinical trials department. When I returned from vacation, I asked my friend to stop by and quote my insurance. I was still so excited about the product I lined up shot glasses for her to taste everything I purchased. Gail was amazed at the flavor and asked if there was a store in our area that provided this product. When I said no, she jokingly, at least she says she was joking, said we needed to open one. I agreed and 5 months later we opened our store in the PowerHouse Mall in West Lebanon, NH.

Boy, we moved fast! And the more we learned about the product the more fascinated and passionate we became. We pulled in about 10 different companies and did blind taste tests. We kept coming back to the same product. The mushroom really tastes like mushroom, the coconut really tastes like coconut. This was a cooks dream! Please don't get me wrong! Gail and I are not professional cooks. We are business women that love to cook and be inspired by fresh ingredients. You know you have found something special when a 2 year old can tell the difference in the product that was tested. And a bigger bonus was using this product was getting my son to start eating vegetables again! He wanted to drink the product in a "large glass" and  I told him he could dip his veggies in it.

Gail and I definitely picked the right company to provide our product. They required intensive training and are passionate in providing the freshest olive oil on the market. All our product is organic or organic compatible which means they follow the guidelines for organic just have not received the paperwork as of yet. We switch out our olive oils every six months depending on which hemisphere is doing the crush.  Our balsamics are from Modena Italy. Our balsamics do not contain coloring, gluten for thickeners, and are GMO free! Just pure natural balsamic vinegar the way it is intended to be.

If you have been in our store, you will see we also provide other products not listed on our website like Papperdelle's Pasta, and a wonderful wine selection which we do not ship.

We thank you for visiting our site and please don't hesitate to call with any question at 603-790-8349!

Jennifer & Gail