2 Pack- White Truffle Oil & Traditional Balsamic

2 Pack- White Truffle Oil & Traditional Balsamic

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White Truffle Oil and Traditional Balsamic

This is a special combo for that someone special in your life! Only need a little truffle oil to elevate your dish! 

Fun Things To Try

  • Traditional - you can really put this on anything!
  • Truffle Oil
    • Truffle your popcorn, potato chips, fries, or mayo
    • Drizzle over filet mignon, duck, fish filet, or your any game meat
    • Use whenever you are using mushrooms
    • Truffle your eggs
    • Drizzle over pizza, pasta, polenta, risottto
      • Make a truffle vinaigrette
        2 Tablespoons Truffle oil
        1 1/2 Tablespoons UP EVOO
        1 Tablespoon Champagne wine vinegar
        1/4 teaspoon lemon juice
        salt and pepper to taste.

Remember to use the White Truffle Oil as you would a spice as a little goes a long way!