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4 Pack Sampler - Seafood Lovers

4 Pack Sampler - Seafood Lovers

  • $ 21.00

We love seafood! And this pack will bring your seafood to a new level.

  • Lemon Olive Oil - Try baking your Halibut and drizzling this oil over it! Delicious. Replace Lemon Oil for butter
  • Persian Lime Olive Oil - Wonderful with Talapia
  • Traditional Balsamic - The best salmon! Want to make your salmon succulent? In the last 5 minutes baste your salmon with the traditional balsamic. Boy is it fantastic!
  • Garlic Olive Oil - Add oil to sauté pan and cook up your shrimp or scallops. Add touch of lemon and drizzle a touch of oil to make the flavors pop.