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Candle: Peach

Candle: Peach

  • $ 5.50

A sweet summery fragrance that smells like you've just bitten into a gorgeous fresh peach. This scent is great to freshen up your kitchen or living room or to bring a bit of summer to a dreary day.

The scent of Grosbeak Gardens Candles is never overpowering. The flame flickering through the frosted glass votive is gorgeous. Eco-friendly soy wax burns clean and delivers the scent beautifully. A great room accessory.

Every Grosbeak Gardens Candle is delivered in a hand-silkscreened muslin bag, suitable for gift giving. Even if the gift is for you.

Handmade in Vermont.

Burn time: 25-35 hours.

- Sweet peach fragrance
- Eco-friendly soy wax
- Hand poured
- 2.5” diameter, 3.5” tall
- Delivered in a hand-silkscreened muslin bag suitable for gift giving