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6 Pack Sampler - Gail's Favorite

6 Pack Sampler - Gail's Favorite

  • $ 37.00

These are my "must have's" in the kitchen:

Wild Mushroom & Sage Olive Oil - Versatile, try it in stuffing, on a turkey, or sauteing.

Cranberry Pear White Balsamic - My favorite is to put this in a Mimosa!! Great on Fish, Salads or Veggies

18 Year Traditional - Yum, yum, yum. I can't live without this. Not only is this in my salads, drizzled on pizza, in my meatloaf,  but also on my salmon.

White Truffle Oil- Try drizzling this on stuffed baby bella mushrooms, Pizza, or even roasts

Cayenne Chili Oil- Got to have some spice in your life!

Butter Olive Oil - Use to cook or steam with. Put it on toast, english muffins, veggies, meats of all kinds



**We recommend you start with a 50/50 mix and then adjust to your tastes.