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Icing: Classic White

Icing: Classic White

  • $ 5.95

Ideal for cookie decorating. Makes royal icing for building gingerbread house too.This mix can be made as a thin glaze or beaten longer to make a stiff icing for raised decorating and assembling the walls of a gingerbread house. Great to have around; a time-saver and multi-tasker, too.

What you get

Makes smooth, shiny cookie glaze or icing. Yields 1½ cups glaze or about 3¼ cups frosting or royal icing.

Dietary information
  • Kosher.
Care & storage

Store cool & dry 12 months.

Test kitchen tips

Our mix is quite versatile and can be made in a full range of thicknesses depending on how you work with it. Add a little more water and mix less, and you'll get a great cookie glaze for tinting, drizzling, or painting. Follow the package directions and beat for longer for a stiffer glaze that helps assemble your gingerbread architecture.