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4 Pack Sampler - Jen's Favorite

4 Pack Sampler - Jen's Favorite

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When asked what top four oils I can't live without, here is what has to be in my kitchen to put the extra touch on my meals.

White Truffle Oil -  Did anyone want Truffle fries? After you bake or deep fry your french fries toss with truffle oil, add to Mayo, spritz your popcorn and add a little Parmesan cheese....soooo good! Drizzle over your steak, pasta, or pizza

Butter Olive Oil -  Use anywhere you would use regular butter! Popcorn, cookies (make sure to use butter to oil conversions)

Dill Olive Oil - Roast your potatoes, scramble your eggs, add to a foil dinner

Garlic Oil - My favorite is to bake potatoes, once cooked smashed down with potato smasher and drizzle with Garlic oil top with Parmesan cheese and bake until crisp, saute with onions and peppers, on a cutting board drizzle garlic oil with a little salt and pepper place your steak to rest. Once rested slice and serve

**Recommend a 50/50 mixture and adjust to your taste.