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6 Pack Sampler - Kitchen Staples

  • $ 33.50

I have all of these on my shelf! I use them so often I  have now graduated from small bottles to large bottles.

Butter Olive Oil - I use this where ever I would typically use butter. Try substituting in cookie recipes

Garlic Olive Oil- You can never go wrong with garlic, try roasting potatoes, or sauteing veggies

Lemon Olive Oil - Great with sauteing or grilling fish and wonderful in a salad dressing

18 Year Traditional Balsamic - Base for any dressing, great in a marinade

Neapolitan Dark Balsamic -  Wonderful as a dressing, and of course, to roast veggies

Milanese Gremolata Olive Oil- Bake with your fish, make a dressing or even try it with your poultry! so yummy


**We recommend you start with a 50/50 mix and then adjust to your tastes.