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4 Pack Sampler - Kossi's Favorite

4 Pack Sampler - Kossi's Favorite

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This may sound crazy but it is a must try!! With your chocolate or vanilla ice cram make sure to drizzle the Blood Orange Olive Oil over it! With Vanilla it taste like a creamsicle, sooo yummy!!

Herbs de Provence Olive Oil -Roast potatoes, dip bread or add to rice

Grapefruit White Balsamic - Mix with Herbs de Provence for a dressing, caramelize your pears or apples, add to yogurt or water for a sparkling water for a refreshing drink

Blood Orange Olive Oil -  Mix with Cinnamon Pear to cook your ham for the holidays, substitute where you would use butter in baking

Cinnamon Pear - Mix with Blood Orange for a salad dressing, use on pork or as a glaze on seafood