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Candle: Lilac

Candle: Lilac

  • $ 15.00

A classic spring scent to soothe. Guaranteed to bring back memories of childhood, your mother, and grandmother.

The scent of Grosbeak Gardens Candles is never overpowering. The flame flickering through the frosted glass votive is gorgeous. Eco-friendly soy wax burns clean and delivers the scent beautifully. A great room accessory.

Every Grosbeak Gardens Candle is delivered in a hand-silkscreened muslin bag, suitable for gift giving. Even if the gift is for you.

Handmade in Vermont.

Burn time: 25-35 hours.

- Spring lilac fragrance
- Eco-friendly soy wax
- Hand poured
- 2.5” diameter, 3.5” tall
- Delivered in a hand silkscreened muslin bag suitable for gift giving