Cake Mix: Lemon Coffee House
Cake Mix: Lemon Coffee House

Cake Mix: Lemon Coffee House

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Lemon Coffee House Cake Mix

Bake bright, zesty lemon coffee cake mix at home.

Our mix recipe was developed with a coffeehouse experience in mind, but using only the finest natural flavors -- NO artificial color, dyes or preservatives.

What you get is a lovely tangy lemon icing with the option to make either a fine textured pound cake or a lighter version using oil, eggs and water.

We start with the best ingredients and do the mixing and measuring for you, to save you time during busy days and ensure you get the best baking results every time.

What you get

  • Mix makes 1 loaf cake

Quick and easy, no mixer needed preparation:

For the cake, use ½-cup vegetable oil instead of soft butter, and use water or non-dairy milk in place of the milk. Instead of beating the batter with a mixer, simply whisk together all the ingredients until well combined, then for an additional minute. Bake as directed. Be sure to check at 45 minutes, and sooner if your pan is dark. Make glaze as directed, thinning with extra milk if you prefer a glaze to drizzle over the edges.

Try this with InfuseMe's Lemon Fused Olive Oil. So yummy! If you love coffee cake, then you will love King Arthur's Lemon Coffee Cake Mix