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Meat Sticks

Meat Sticks

  • $ 1.99

Maple BBQ

Vegetarian Fed · Soy Free · No Antibiotics

Calories 90 Protein 6g Fat 7g

People definitely struggle deciding which side of me they like better. Some love me because I’m sweet, some love me because I’m tangy. Sounds crazy I know, but It’s just how I was raised. My ol’ man was a Southern pig rancher who married a Canadian maple farmer, so it makes sense that I’d turn out to be a perfect blend of the two. But no matter how you like it, one bite and I bet we’re going to be best friends. Get Out There. Be Contradictory.


Meat sticks sold as single 1 oz stick or as case of 24 – 1 oz sticks (caddy)

Cracked Pepper

All Natural · Gluten Free · No Nitrites

Calories 70  Protein 12g Fat 0g

I can’t even tell you how often people mistake me for a piece of apple pie. It’s probably the brown sugar and apple thing I have going on. But, I’m so much more than that. I mean, I’ve heard of meat pie and all, but sometimes it gets a little ridiculous. Seriously people—I’m a slab of meat. Just look at me. I’m clearly and obviously a big, yummy, mouthwatering piece of meat—I’ve even got cracked pepper sprinkled all over me. Would a piece of pie have cracked pepper all over it? I don’t think so.  Get out there. Be authentic.

No Preservatives · No Added MSG · No Corn Syrup