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Maple Soda

Sap! products are plant-based superfood sparkling beverages made from  straight from the forests of Vermont. We sustainably harvest the sap to create our nutrient-rich, antioxidant-packed products that can help boost immunity, fight fatigue and inflammation, and detoxify the body. We hope you enjoy!

 Healthy Soda? Not An Oxymoron

Antioxidants: From Polyphenols

Prebiotics: From Inulin (Good for Gut Health)

Mineral-Rich: High in Crucial Minerals for the Body

Electrolytes: From Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Phosporus

Lemon Sting Honey

Our first flavor was created in our kitchen. After a day of pulling frames full of honey from our hives, the kids were busy angling for sugary sodas to cool off. Chris wasn't willing to give in. He had a better idea. A few squeezes of fresh lemon and an infusion of rosemary did the trick and Lemon Sting was born.

110 calories per bottle
Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Honey, Lemon Juice, Rosemary.

Brewer's Notes: Being stung by bees isn't necessary to the process.

Blueberry Dream

The idea for this "True Taste of Maine" came to us in a dream. We source our Wild Blueberries directly from the fields of Maine. Using an old Italian wine press we ensure only the freshest juice goes into each bottle. To complete the dream, we add a touch of honey and a hint of steeped fresh Ginger. 

110 calories per bottle
Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Wild Blueberry Juice, Honey, Ginger, Citric Acid (non-GMO).

Brewer's Notes: No feet were used in the pressing of these blueberries.