Walnut & Tiger Maple Cutting Board

Walnut & Tiger Maple Cutting Board

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If you are looking for a beautiful hand crafted board, look no further. The Walnut and Tiger Maple Cutting Board will compliment any kitchen. The board size is 16 x 14 

Walnut wood is relatively heavy and hard and resilient. It is resistant to warping and is subject to only light shrinkage. It has good strength but only limited durability when exposed to the weather.

Tiger maple, also known as flamed maple, curly maple, ripple maple, fiddleback or tiger stripe, is a feature of maple in which the growth of the wood fibers is distorted in an undulating chatoyant pattern, producing wavy lines known as "flames". This effect is often mistakenly said to be part of the grain of the wood; it is more accurately called "figure", as the distortion is perpendicular to the grain direction