FAQ: How To Import Symbols In Balsamic Mockups?

How do you add symbols in balsamiq?

Balsamiq Wireframes supports the concept of Symbols. 2. Creating Symbols in the Wireframes View

  1. Select the controls you want to group.
  2. Group your selection (select Edit >Group, click the Group icon in the toolbar, or use CTRL / ⌘ + G ).
  3. Name the group.
  4. Click on the “Convert To Symbol ” button in the Property Inspector.

Can you import image in balsamiq?

You can add images in the Assets view by dragging and dropping from your computer or by using the icons in the toolbar.

How do I import assets in balsamiq?


  1. Open the two projects (each in its own browser tab or window)
  2. In the source project, select the wireframe(s) you want to copy or move.
  3. Copy the wireframe(s) ( CTRL / ⌘ + C )
  4. In the target project, paste your wireframe(s) ( CTRL / ⌘ + V )

How do I add an image to a wireframe?

Here’s how to add images in the Wireframe feature.

  1. Drag the image to anywhere on the Wireframe screen.
  2. You’ll see a message at the top that says, ” Image added”.
  3. Head to the picture icon located on the left hand panel.
  4. Simply drag the image to the working screen.
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How do I resize an icon in balsamiq?

Open the list of all icons and pick an icon – now you can resize. (You can also pick the default icon shape since it’s in the list.)

How do you add a background in balsamiq?

How to Add a Background Color to Any Control

  1. Add a Rectangle control and make it borderless.
  2. Set the background color to the desired one.
  3. Set its opacity to 25%
  4. Move and resize the rectangle to overlay your other control (Data Grid in this case)
  5. Group the controls together.

How do I download an image from balsamiq project?

To save one or all of your wireframes as image files, choose one of the export to PNG commands from the Project > Export menu: Export > Current wireframe to PNG will save the selected wireframe in PNG image format.

What is Bmpr file?

BMPR files (short for Balsamiq Mockups PRojects) are a type of BAR file. BAR files, or Balsamiq ARchive files, provide a way a storing different kinds of content while also providing a consistent set of tools for reading and writing that content.

How do I export icons from balsamiq?

Navigate to the folder you extracted into the Assets/ sub-folder and select the Symbols library. Export /Import Symbol Libraries?

  1. Open Source Project.
  2. Select the menu Project > Export > Project to BMMLs Zip. Remember where you saved it.
  3. Extract that file on your desktop.

How do I open a Bmpr file?

How can I open a BMPR file? You need a suitable software like Balsamiq Wireframes from Balsamiq Studios to open a BMPR file. Without proper software you will receive a Windows message “How do you want to open this file?” (Windows 10) or “Windows cannot open this file” (Windows 7) or a similar Mac/iPhone/Android alert.

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How do I put a background image on my mind?

1) Select the base screen in the Outline palette. The base screen will be represented by a ‘monitor’ or ‘phone’ icon. 2) Look to the Properties palette and scroll down to the Background section. You’ll then be able to choose an image.

What does a wireframe look like?

What does a wireframe look like? Wireframes have very limited visual characteristics, since the majority of design elements ( like images, videos, colors, real text, etc.) aren’t included. Instead of these specific design elements, designers use placeholders.

How do you create a wireframe?

How to make your wireframe in six steps

  1. Do your research.
  2. Prepare your research for reference.
  3. Make sure you have your user flow mapped out.
  4. Draft, don’t draw. Sketch, don’t illustrate.
  5. Add some detail and get testing.
  6. Start turning your wireframes into prototypes.

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