Often asked: What To Serve With Ellavitano Sartori Balsamic?

What do you eat with Merlot BellaVitano?

Merlot BellaVitano cheese tastes delicious with dried nuts and fruits, crusty Italian or French bread. Try pairing the cheese with wines such as Shiraz, Merlot and Pinot Noir. You can also pair India Pale Ales, hoppy pilsners or wheat beers for a refreshing combination.

What can I do with BellaVitano cheese?

Each of these high quality Bellavitano cheeses are a perfect addition to cheese plates. Or try crumbling them atop salads, pasta, and soups. Or add them to scrambled eggs or frittatas for breakfast. Raspberry Bellavitano is a nutty, creamy aged cheese soaked with handcrafted Raspberry Tart ale.

What kind of cheese is BellaVitano?

BellaVitano is a cow’s milk cheese made by the Sartori Company of Plymouth, Wisconsin. Introduced in 1999, BellaVitano Gold is one of a number of different cheeses made by the company. It is a hard cheese with a nutty, fruity flavor and is also available in a number of flavored varieties.

Can you melt Merlot BellaVitano cheese?

BellaVitano is our versatile, foolproof friend in the kitchen. We like to slice it for sandwiches, melt it in panini and grate it into salads.

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How do you serve BellaVitano?

This artisan cheese tastes delicious with dried nuts, dried fruits, crusty Italian bread and crusty French bread. Try pairing the cheese with wines such as Shiraz, Merlot and Pinot Noir. You can also pair India pale ale, hoppy pilsners or wheat beers with the cheese for a great combination.

What does merlot cheese pair with?

Merlot: Goes well with gouda, gorgonzola, brie, Jarlsberg or parmesan. Cabernet Franc: Bloomy cheeses like brie, camembert or blue as well as goat and gorgonzola.

Can I eat the rind of cheese?

Cheese rinds are food safe and edible. You should feel free to enjoy flavored rinds, washed rinds, and bloomy rinds as part of your cheese eating experience. Other rinds made of wax or cloth can generally be removed and discarded—these rinds are there to protect the cheese along its aging journey.

What meat goes with asiago cheese?

It goes best with potato soups, cheese soups, and French onion soup. Asiago cheese also pairs best with Speck, a pork product that is produced in the same region as Asiago. It is a snacking cheese that is also best combined with salami and fruits. It is also best paired with Italian red wines, wheat beers, and ciders.

How do you serve espresso cheese?

It pairs well with Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Merlot and Chardonnay or with fruit beers, stout, Porter beer, Trappist style ale or Barley wine. Try with about chocolate, dried fruit, sweet pastries, or honey.

Is BellaVitano a good melting cheese?

Bellavitano has a sour, faintly yogurty aftertaste. The sharpness is excellent, the sweetness a little too sweet perhaps. When I loaded it into an omelet, it melted well but didn’t retain much flavor. Alongside a bowl of salty split-pea-and-ham soup, it was at its best.

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Is BellaVitano similar to parmesan?

Inspired by traditional, Italian farmstead cheese, BellaVitano Gold begins in the mouth like a premium Parmesan and finishes in award-winning style with hints of melted butter. This is where our artisan cheesemaking first began to shine.

What can I use instead of BellaVitano Gold cheese?

Recipes. BellaVitano Gold would be great in any recipe that calls for an Italian cheese like Parmesan or Asiago.

Is BellaVitano lactose free?

And because of its extra-aging of at least 20 months, even those with lactose intolerance can enjoy this near- lactose free cheese. “Best Snacking Cheese,” Espresso BellaVitano is one of Sartori’s most innovative cheese.

Does Merlot cheese have alcohol?

The alcohol content depends on the cheese and the process used to produce it, but is usually negligible. We’re talking less than 1%. Murcia al Vino and BellaVitano Merlot seem a little more potent–they’re soaked in red wine, enough to make the whole cheese taste strongly of wine and dye the rind red.

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